Flooded boilers? No problem.

Need a New Boiler?

Old boilers like this cost a lot to run up to 60lts per day with up to 250 degree flue temps.

A new firebird boiler will cut this in half being condensing it will have lower flue temps that will save you money and includes a five year guarantee if installed by us.  

24/7 emergency breakdowns
Old Boiler
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Unserviced Boiler


Poorly maintained boilers can emit poisonous carbon monoxide fumes, which are extremely harmful. An annual service ensures safe operation and correct emissions.


If your boiler breaks down, it's not only an inconvenience, but you could also be landed with an unexpected bill.

Having your boiler serviced annually reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns and ensures your boiler will keep you warm throughout the winter.

New Boiler
Firebird Combi Boiler

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